About us:

Buying replica sneakers can sometimes be confusing.  How do you know if you are getting top-quality replicas?  Just like other replica products, there can be a large variance in price.  For instance, you can buy a “replica” Rolex watch for $30 and also pay $300 for one.  What’s the difference?  Build quality and quality of materials.  Replica sneakers work the same way.  You can find a replica Air Jordan for $30 and also for $230.

In the world of replica sneakers, there are three quality grades on the market, Economy, Mid-Grade, and High Grade. At Sneaker Double all of our sneakers are High-Grade replicas. Meaning they are made to a 1:1 match by hand and in low production quantities. They are made utilizing the same materials and come with the correct box and packaging. They are so high in quality, it’s almost impossible to distinguish them apart from their authentic counterparts.

Sneakerdouble doesn’t offer the lowest price replicas but we do offer the highest quality replicas currently available at a reasonable and fair price.  We are a US-based company with relationships with China-based replica shoe factories. These relationships have given us access to hand-pick the best-quality replica sneakers.  Right now we offer top-tier grade replica Jordan, Nike, Dunks, and Yeezy as well as other well-known luxury brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, McQueen, GUCCI, Lanvin, and Balenciaga.

Don’t see a replica you want on our site?  No worries, we have access to a library of several thousand styles of replica shoes but can’t list them all.  Please email us at info@sneakerdouble.net and request the shoe you are looking for. We will research it and get back to you right away with availability, pictures, and pricing.