During the handling process we make sure your shoes are protected for the long journey.  Every pair is boxed, bubble wrapped, placed in a shipping box and then into the carriers bag up to reduce the amount of damage caused during shipping.

All shoes are shipped with their OG replica box placed in individual outer boxes then bubble wrapped for protection. Each pair of shoes will be shipped separately. You will receive a tracking number for each pair of shoes you order.  So, if you order 3 pairs, you will get 3 tracking numbers.  One for each pair.

Typically multi-shoe orders will show up at the same time but they could come separately depending on the shipping company.    

All shoes are shipped directly from the factory by either USPS or Fedex to the US.  Other carriers (like DHL, Royal Mail, etc) may be utilized for other countries. To reduce damage to the OG box, it will be bubble wrapped and placed in an outer shipping box.  Although this is not 100% guaranteed it does help.  

Shipping cost to the United States is $29 PER PAIR for shipping with tracking.  This includes the handling cost  of securely packaging in the protective outboxes as well as USPS shipping bag to make sure your shoes arrive undamaged.

Shipping & Processing Times:

2-3 days Processing time:  This is the time for the factory to pull the products off the shelf, do a quality inspection, package and label the package(s)  

Delivery time: 

Although this can vary depending on location, we are seeing deliveries done within 14-20 days after it leaves the factory.  This can change due to unexpected occurrences.   

Please allow 14-21 days from time of order for delivery.  You will be emailed a carrier tracking number once the package is ready for shipping.

package 1
Carrier shipping bag.
package 2
Heavy duty bubblewrap
package 3

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