How do you know if a shoe is a replica?

How do you know if a shoe is a replica?

How do you know if a shoe is a replica?

Many people want to wear original Jordan, Nike, and even Adidas shoes, but only a few can afford to get them because of the price. Not only that, but because Nike, Adidas and some other companies have been producing limited editions of their sneakers, a need for replicas has led to some skepticism because some sellers sell the replicas of the original at the same price as the original.

It is possible to know if your shoe is a ‘rep’ or the original.

Let’s talk more about that in the next section:

  • Confirm the source of the shoes. If you buy off social media, ensure that their page functions with everyday activities. And if you are buying from a website, ensure you pay using a secure payment method.
  • The packaging of your box. This is a very dicey one and can easily be noticed. Once you receive your package, ensure that the packaging online equals the packaging you got. If not, it is a replica. Big companies do not make mistakes; any flaw you see indicates something is wrong.
  • Check the inside tag. The UPC and the production information must be the same for what you ordered and what you got. Beware of this and ensure they correlate.
  • Are the shoes smelly? All shoes have smells, but it is not a skunky smell or sweaty or worn-out shoe. We all, at some point, had gotten brand-new shoes before, which had a pure, serene smell. Exactly, that’s what your shoe should smell like.
  • Do your research correctly. Relying on what someone said is only sometimes the best option; instead, research yourself and ensure that what you are purchasing and the store you are buying from are legal. Many have been fooled by what others say, do not be the next victim!
  • Pay attention to every detail. Attention to detail is very important. Compare and contrast what you bought with what you ordered, and if you have a pair of shoes initially, check through it properly in case something is different. A difference, such as adding a full stop instead of ‘no full stop is enough to get your attention.
  • How much does it cost, and were you given proof of payment? If you are looking for an original shoe, you are looking for something expensive. You do not expect a pair of original Jordans to be sold for $150. Not! But with this mindset, you should always be aware that many sellers have figured that people expect originals to be expensive. So let the other six points mentioned be your guide when confirming if you bought a rep or an original.

Ordering for shoes sometimes ends up messy. But you can trust some sites like – SneakerDouble to deliver what you want. If you desire an original, be sure you will get it. If you desire a replica, be sure you will also get that.

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