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Overshadowed by other original Air Jordan 1 colorways like “Bred”, “Chicago” and “Royal”, this “Black Toe” edition is no less important when it comes to the history of the
legendary shoe. Worn on the court by Michael Jordan during his rookie season, the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe features a similar look to the Chicago colorway but takes away
some of the red from the upper in favor of black on the eye stay and toe panels. This listing is for the 2016 release of the Black Toe Jordan 1, which disappeared from stock
immediately wherever it was released. Grab a pair now before they disappear again.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro BG “Black Toe,” one of the initial colorways of the Air Jordan 1 line, gained prominence after appearing in various Nike advertising campaigns (including the photo that inspired the Jordan logo itself). Yet surprisingly, Jordan only wore this colorway in a select few games, which added to its appeal. The 2016 edition, which was retired in 2013, reverts to the 1985 branding with the Nike Air emblem on the tongue and no Jumpman logo on the heel.


The month of November will be fantastic for Air Jordan 1 Retro arrival. With the recently revealed Air Jordan 1 “Top Three,” not only will three of the greatest colorways ever mentioned, but Jordan Brand will also be delivering some heat for the purists earlier in the month with the re-release of the remastered Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” on November 5th, 2016 for $160 USD. The Air Jordan 1 Black Toe hasn’t appeared on store shelves in more than three years. The “Black Toe” colorway, one of the originals from the Air Jordan 1’s 1985 release schedule, contrasts a classic Chicago dose of Gym Red on the leather heel panel with a black toecap for its toe.

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Info About Jordan Brand:

The Jordan logo is certainly one of the most iconic and a success sneaker manufacturers around the globe, with its roots tracing lower back to the early 1980s. It changed into first created as a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. and named after basketball celeb Michael Jordan.
The Jordan emblem became an immediate hit with sneaker fanatics and basketball fanatics alike. the first Air Jordan shoe became released in 1985 and quickly have become a cultural phenomenon. The emblem continued to release new fashions and designs over the years, everyone constructing on the achievement of the preceding release Now you can buy Amazing Air Jordan 1 – High Black Toe 2016, from your site sneaker-double.
Nowadays, the Jordan emblem is a household name, with a huge variety of shoes and garb to be had. It has even elevated beyond the sector of basketball and into other sports and way of life markets.
However, with the rise of the net and e-trade, the Jordan brand has additionally faced its fair share of demanding situations. any such demanding situation is the proliferation of replicas or reproduction Jordan shoes (Amazing Air Jordan 1 – High Black Toe 2016). that footwear is regularly made to look like the real element, however, they are no longer certified or authorized by way of the Jordan emblem.
No matter the capability legal and ethical troubles associated with reproduction sneakers, they have got become increasingly popular amongst customers who need the appearance and experience of an excessive-stop sneaker without the high-give-up rate tag. As an end result, there was a rise in the variety of websites and shops selling replicas or replica Jordan footwear.
While seeking out exceptional duplicate sneaker sites or stores, it’s miles important to do your studies and read evaluations from other clients. a number of the pinnacle reproduction sneaker sites include Sneaker Double opinions, reputable Rep Sneaker websites, top reproduction Sneaker websites, Rep Sneaker shops, Sneaker Double, Rep Sneaker websites, and Reps Sneaker websites. those sites offer a wide variety of duplicate footwear Like (Amazing Air Jordan 1 – High Black Toe 2016), together with r3ps shoes, remarkable reps, and sneaker mass reps.
But, it’s far crucial to notice that buying duplicate footwear is unlawful and can cause prison effects. it’s also unethical, as it undermines the hard paintings and creativity of the original designers and manufacturers.
Jordan, the brand has a rich record and has emerged as an international icon in the international of shoes and style. even as the upward push of reproduction sneakers poses challenges for the emblem and the enterprise as a whole, it’s miles critical to not forget the importance of helping the original designers and manufacturers. So as a substitute for purchasing sneaker replicas like (Amazing Air Jordan 1 – High Black Toe 2016) recollect invest in actual sneakers and help the brands you adore.

Info About Our Site:

Sneakerdouble Is a big site for shoes, Have a variety of shoes from various brands, and SneakerDouble is the place to go and buy the latest branded shoes from all over the world. We have a sizable selection of shoes from well-known manufacturers including Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Puma, Reebok, and many more. Although having a US basis, the company ships to consumers all around the world, making it a truly global brand.

For sneaker enthusiasts who want to keep up with the most recent trends and fashions in the world of sneakers, SneakerDouble has established itself as a go-to source we are offering you (Amazing Air Jordan 1 – High Black Toe 2016). The company offers a wide variety of shoes from numerous manufacturers to suit a variety of interests including, fashion preferences, and price ranges.

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Replica Sneaker:

Replica sneakers, also known as “knockoffs” or “faux Replica sneakers,” have turned out to be increasingly popular in the latest years among sneaker enthusiasts who want to very own dressmaker shoes at a greater low-cost rate. but, the manufacturing and sale of replica footwear is illegal and can have poor results for both the client and the fashion industry.
Inside the united states of America, the production and sale of duplicate sneakers is taken into consideration as a contravention of highbrow property legal guidelines and may result in fines or even imprisonment. moreover, shopping and sporting Replica sneakers footwear also can have negative outcomes, along with assisting unethical hard work practices and contributing to the proliferation of counterfeit goods.
In spite of the risks associated with replica shoes, they stay popular among consumers everywhere around the globe. Many people are attracted to the concept of owning a designer sneaker without having to pay the excessive charge tag, and some even see it as a manner to “stick it to the person” with the aid of no longer assisting the installed fashion enterprise.


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 Replica sneakers are manufactured in six (6) different quality grades.   SneakerDouble ONLY offers the TOP three (3) grades.   Top Grade, High Grade and Mid-Grade.  Please see description of each grade.

 Top Grade Quality – BEST! 

Shoes in this category are near flawless.  Commonly referred to as “1:1” They are essentially unauthorized reproductions of the real, retail shoe. All cuts, colors, and materials will be spot on with retail pairs. Made with the same materials and workmanship as the originals.   Almost impossible to tell them apart from being authentic unless put side-by-side with originals by an expert. They will fit and wear like authentic.   These Will come with box and packaging found on authentic retail version.   This is the highest-grade replica sneaker on the market today.  Comes with shipping insurance.

 High Grade Quality – BETTER

These shoes are made of very high-quality materials and workmanship that are close to the originals.  They will typically come with 1-2 minor variances that are hard to detect on foot.  These will come with box and packaging found on authentic retail version.  These are great looking reps and look great on foot.  Comes with shipping insurance.

 Mid-Grade Quality – GOOD

Great looking reps that look good on foot.  They will have good quality materials and workmanship that are “similar” to authentic.   Intended for more of the budget conscious buyer that wants the look but doesn’t care about the small details.  Box and packaging will be “similar” to retail version but not exact.  Good quality for the price.  No shipping insurance on these shoes.