YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Yecheil

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1 review for YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Yecheil

  1. Eric Pertee (verified owner)

    This was my first Yeezy pick-up from SD but definitely not my last. Right out the gate, Mark made sure I was aware of the sizing disparity with 350 and that they run a little small. So with that advice, I went up a half size, and damn I’m glad I did because they fit perfectly. They look incredible and feel even better. I also got a gift from Yeezy day and it happened to be a pair of 350s, the pair I got from SD look better. They both feel the same but as far as the quality of the stitching and the finishing of soles, the pair I ordered was better. That lead me to reach out and order a couple more. This is a shoe I keep at the door to throw on for just about anything. Great shoe, easy process, great service and advice! Thanks SD and Mark!

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 Replica sneakers are manufactured in six (6) different quality grades.   SneakerDouble ONLY offers the TOP three (3) grades.   Top Grade, High Grade and Mid-Grade.  Please see description of each grade.

 Top Grade Quality – BEST! 

Shoes in this category are near flawless.  Commonly referred to as “1:1” They are essentially unauthorized reproductions of the real, retail shoe. All cuts, colors, and materials will be spot on with retail pairs. Made with the same materials and workmanship as the originals.   Almost impossible to tell them apart from being authentic unless put side-by-side with originals by an expert. They will fit and wear like authentic.   These Will come with box and packaging found on authentic retail version.   This is the highest-grade replica sneaker on the market today.  Comes with shipping insurance.

 High Grade Quality – BETTER

These shoes are made of very high-quality materials and workmanship that are close to the originals.  They will typically come with 1-2 minor variances that are hard to detect on foot.  These will come with box and packaging found on authentic retail version.  These are great looking reps and look great on foot.  Comes with shipping insurance.

 Mid-Grade Quality – GOOD

Great looking reps that look good on foot.  They will have good quality materials and workmanship that are “similar” to authentic.   Intended for more of the budget conscious buyer that wants the look but doesn’t care about the small details.  Box and packaging will be “similar” to retail version but not exact.  Good quality for the price.  No shipping insurance on these shoes.